We Pursue Purpose

We Follow the Law

Our individual and collective behavior shapes the opinions of everyone with whom we deal. Because of this, we perform our work in a transparent and ethical manner, complying with legal requirements wherever we operate.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Laws

+   Anti-Kickback Law (and similar state laws)
+   False Claims Act (and similar state laws)
+   Stark Law (Physician Self-Referral Prohibition Statute)
+   Transparency Laws – Sunshine Act
+   Exclusions and Debarment

If a local law conflicts with our Code, we follow the local law; however, if a local business practice conflicts with our Code, we follow our Code. When in doubt, Speak Up for guidance.

Other Important Laws and Regulations

+   Antitrust and Competition Laws
+   Communications Laws
+   Doing Business With the Government
+   Anti-Corruption Laws
+   Political Contributions and Activities
+   Insider Trading





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