We Earn Trust

We Respect Private, Sensitive, and Confidential Information

We appreciate the trust our team members, customers, and other third parties place in Change Healthcare when they provide us with their private, sensitive or confidential information. We exercise care and discretion when handling such information.

We all have an obligation to safeguard information not only about our team members and Company, but also about the companies with which we do business. We must know the type of information considered private, sensitive or confidential by them, and never use or disclose it inappropriately, including sharing it with family members, friends or anyone who does not have a need to know it.

+   We Respect the Private and Sensitive Information of Others
+   We Respect Team Members' Private and Sensitive Information
+   We Protect Confidential Business Information
+   Private, Sensitive, and Confidential Information
+   How We Protect Information
+   We Report Incidents
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