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We Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Acting with integrity means placing Change Healthcare’s best interests before our own. We must not let personal interests affect the business decisions we make on behalf of Change Healthcare.

What is a Conflict of Interest?

A conflict of interest exists when you have a personal, family, business or other interest, that could impair or appear to impair, your ability to act in the best interest of the Company. Use your best judgment and avoid even the appearance of a conflict.

Disclose Potential Conflicts of Interest

If a personal activity, investment, interest or association could compromise – or even appear to compromise – your judgment, you must promptly disclose the conflict by contacting the Change Healthcare Office of Compliance and Ethics. A conflict of interest often can be resolved in a simple and mutually acceptable way when discussed promptly and openly.

+   Is It A Conflict? Ask Yourself

Common Situations Where Conflicts of Interest May Arise

+   Family and Friends
+   Financial Interests
+   External Boards
+   Gifts or Entertainment
+   Outside Business Activities
+   Hiring Former Government Employees
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